Interpretation/Translation Volunteers

We are looking for volunteer translators and interpreters to serve as a bridge for communication between Japanese residents and foreign residents. Please see the information below to register as a translator or interpreter. You do not need to be fluent — those who are still studying their language but want to help out may also apply. Languages: Portuguese (Brazilian), Chinese, English, Korean, Tagalog, and others Activities: Helping out during cooking class and other international exchange activities, translating notices and announcements, dealing with outside requests, etc. ※ Application to be a volunteer does not guarantee acceptance.

Event Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers to help at our multicultural events with foreigners and local community. You don’t need speak other languages.

Organizing Committee

A couple times a year, EIA’s president, committee members and office members meet to discuss the details about events and other activities. Wouldn’t you like to participate and bring your own personal point of view, experience and understanding about multiculturalism?


Send an e-mail to info@e-i-a.jp
Subject: Interpretation/Translation Volunteer (通訳翻訳ボランティア) Please include your name, address, contact information (phone, etc.), proficient language levels, available dates and times, and whether you want to serve as a translator or interpreter.

Neighboring International Associations (IA)

Other international associations surrounding Echizen city also hold Japanese classes and multicultural events. For details, please contact your local international association.

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  1. オンラインでのボランティア通訳など募集していらっしゃればと思い、ご連絡させていただきました。よろしくお願いいたします。

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