How to Separate Trash: Plastic Packaging and Containers (Part 2)

Ecchan #9
Ecchan #9

Panel 1: “‘Puragomi’ is recycled as plastic.”
Panel 2: “If it’s dirty, wash it out with water!” “Huh!? Even though it’s trash, I have to wash it?”
Panel 3: “That’s because it can’t be recycled if it is dirty.”
Panel 4: “We all have to work together to conserve resources!”

Plastic trash needs to be thoroughly cleaned and thrown out in the designated pink trash bags. The following are also examples of plastic trash:

Bottles, tubes, and other types: includes sauce and oil packets, detergent and soap packets, shampoo and conditioner bottles, mayonnaise and ketchup bottles, and tube-style packaging. In addition, films and wrapping from food and other goods, PET bottle caps and labels, plastic lids, and so on.

If the items are dirty, wash them out with water. If they are not washed, they can get other pieces of plastic trash dirty too, and dirty pieces cannot be recycled.

Be careful – the following items are NOT plastic trash: plastic bottles for beverages, alcohol, or soy sauce (these should be thrown out as designated with other PET bottles); ballpoint pens, plastic rulers, toys, floppy disks, CD’s, MD’s, plastic buckets, wash basins, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, hangers, hoses, plastic tanks, and generally any colored plastic, or plastics other than containers and packaging (these are non-burnable garbage and should be thrown out on the designated day in clear bags).

Because our Earth’s resources are limited, we should do every little bit that we can. When every individual person properly throws out his or her trash, it makes a big difference!