How to Separate Trash: Plastic Packaging and Containers (Part 1)

Ecchan #8
Ecchan #8

Panel 1: “Puragomi…” does that mean plastic garbage?
Panel 2: Not quite. Plastic containers and plastic wrappers are classified as “puragomi.”
Panel 3: Look, here is the “puragomi” mark!

Plastic (non-PET) trash should be separated from other trash and thoroughly washed, after which it can be recycled. It should be thrown out in the designated pink translucent trash bags. There are a few categories of plastic trash:

  • Polybags, wrapping, and plastic trays: includes plastic shopping bags, candy wrappers, ramen wrappers, dry cleaning bags, clear plastic bags used as wrapping, fish and meat trays and plastic wrap.
  • Plastic packages and cups: includes plastic cups, gelatin or pudding cups, egg packages, tofu packages, miso containers, and retort pouches.
  • Nets and cushioning: includes styrene wrapping used to wrap large fruit, mesh bags and nets for smaller fruit, and styrene containers used for consumer electronics.

Please be mindful of two points when throwing out plastic trash. First, use the designated pink trash bags. Second, make sure to wash all of the dirt, grime, or leftover food off. If you can’t get the item clean enough to be recycled, then throw it out as non-burnable garbage.