How to Separate Trash: Non-burnable Trash (Part 2)

Ecchan #6
Ecchan #6

Panel 1: Ceramic-ware is unburnable garbage!
Panel 2: Even if it’s not broken, wrap it up in newspaper and put it in a clear plastic bag marked “Dangerous!”
Panel 3: Rubber and leather are also unburnable garbage!
Panel 4: Cut long items up into small enough pieces that they won’t get caught in the trash processing machines!

This time let’s look at some examples of ceramics and rubber/leather items:

Ceramics: teacups, rice bowls, teapots, vases, flowerpots

Rubber/Leather: raincoats, swimming rings and floats, leather boots, sneakers, sandals, slippers, belts, hoses, satchels, briefcases, backpacks, gloves, rubber bands

When throw away non-burnable trash, please be careful of the following points:

  • When throwing away teacups and so on, even if they are not broken, there is a chance they will break and the shards will tear the bag or worse. Wrap them up in cloth or newspapers as if they were broken glass items and mark them “Dangerous.” Afterwards, put them in a clear non-burnable trash bag and mark that bag “Dangerous” with a permanent marker too.
  • Belts, hoses, and other long trash should be cut down into pieces under 1 meter in length. This is because if they are too long they can get caught in the trash processing machine and break it.

Make sure not to overfill your trash bags, as they can become very heavy and tear easily!