How to Separate Trash: Non-burnable Trash (Part 1)

Ecchan #5
Ecchan #5

Panel 1: This is unburnable garbage, but it’s too dangerous to just throw it out like this…
Panel 2: Try this! Wrap the knife’s blade in cloth or tape…
Panel 3: Wrap broken things in paper or cloth…
Panel 4: Put them in a clear bag on your unburnable trash day. It’s dangerous, so write “KIKEN” on it!

“Non-burnable trash” should be placed in colorless bags and thrown out on your neighborhood’s designated day. Non-burnable trash is split into five categories: glass, kitchen items, ceramics, rubber and leather, and other types.

First, let’s look at some examples of glass and kitchen items:

Glass: containers for cream and liquid ointments, make-up bottles, perfume bottles, eye glasses, glass cups, window shards and fragments, goldfish bowls

Kitchen items: pots, kettles, pans, strainers, kitchen bowls, cutting boards (except for wooden ones), knives and blades, spoons, forks, chopsticks (except for wooden ones), buckets, plastic containers (i.e. Tupperware), sponges, brushes, thermoses and flasks, electric water pots

When throwing away non-burnable trash, please be careful of a few things:

  • Glass items, knives, and blades can be extremely dangerous. Wrap glass things up in paper or cloth, and wrap the sharp parts of knives and blades in packing tape or cloth, place them in a clear bag, and write “Dangerous” on the bag.
  • This trash can become heavy if too much is placed in one bag, so in order to prevent tearing, don’t overfill your bags!