The 3 R’s: All About “Recycle”

Ecchan #4
Ecchan #4

Panel 1: Recycled glass bottles are reborn sparkling!
Panel 2: Old newspapers and magazines turn into these products!
Panel 3: PET bottles also undergo a great transformation!
Panel 4: When mixed together, it’s trash; when separated, it’s a resource!

Recycle means to give an item a new life as something else. If we properly separate them, empty glass bottles, cans, PET bottles, old newspapers, and old magazines can be recycled into new materials.

How to Separate Trash: Cans, Glass Bottles, and PET Bottles

To recycle empty cans and bottles, first we need to thoroughly wash out all of the leftover food and drink inside of them with water, and then dispose of them in their designated receptacles.

Glass bottles should be separated into three categories: colorless/clear glass, brown glass, and other colored glass (blue, green, black). Trash collection sites have separate receptacle for each color, so please place them in the proper ones.

* Bottle caps and bottles and cans that did not contain food or drink should be thrown away as “non-burnable trash.”

PET bottles (plastic bottles with the PET mark on them) should have their caps and labels removed, and their insides washed out with water. Throw them out in their designated receptacle.

* Caps and labels should be thrown out as “plastic trash” and placed in the designated pink bags.

cans receptacle – glass bottles receptacles: colorless glass, brown glass, colored glass – PET bottle receptacle