The 3 R’s: All About “Reuse”

Ecchan #3
Ecchan #3

Panel 1: “Do I have to buy a new one…?”
Panel 2: “I bet if you take it to the bike shop, they can fix it for you!”
Panel 3: “This school uniform is already too small.”
Panel 4: “You can make someone happy by donating it to the school bazaar!”

Reuse means to use something over and over again. We can practice reuse by repairing broken things instead of throwing them away, giving away old clothes and garments to other people, and using the same items many times.

How to Separate Trash: Burnable Trash

Burnable trash includes kitchen waste, cloth waste, wastepaper, and so on.

When throwing out kitchen waste, we have to strain all the water out of it before throwing it away. For cloth waste, we need to remove any buttons, fasteners, and throw them out separately as nonburnable trash; only the cloth parts are burnable. In addition, curtains and other large cloth items need to be cut into pieces under 1 meter before being thrown out as burnable trash.

Make sure to throw this kind of trash out in the bags marked for burnable trash (the white bags marked with Nan’Etsu Seisai Kumiai in Japanese). Don’t fill them so much that the bags tear. You are only allowed to throw trash out at your designated trash station, so take care.

(This is the Nan’Etsu Seisai Kumiai logo. Only use the bags with this mark for burnable trash.)