The 3 R’s: All About “Reduce”

Ecchan #2
Ecchan #2

Panel 1: Alright! Starting today, let’s live based on “Reduce!”
Panel 2: Refill packs are part of “Reduce” as well.
Panel 3: Let’s only buy as much as we need.
Panel 4: I brought my own bag!

“Reduce” refers to reducing trash. There are a lot of things we can do in our daily lives to reduce the amount of trash.

For example, when buying things like fruit, instead of buying things wrapped in excessive packaging, pick out individual, unpackaged items. Also, refrain from buying unneeded things – even if they are being sold really cheap. When buying things like detergent, buy refill packs instead of buying new bottles. It’s really important not to buy anything that will turn into trash.

It’s also important not to receive any things that will turn into trash. Refuse things like book covers and additional packaging. Take a canvas bag with you when you go shopping instead of accepting plastic bags at the cash register. Don’t accept complimentary or freely distributed items.

Buying long-term use items is part of the effort to reduce trash. Everyone, let’s work together!