How to Separate Trash: Easy-to-Mistake Trash (Puragomi and Recyclables)

Ecchan #12
Ecchan #12

Panel 1: What kind of trash is this metal cap?
Panel 2: If it’s a metal cap, it’s non-burnable trash!
Panel 3: If it’s made of plastic, usually it will be puragomi.
Panel 4: Puragomi is one kind of recyclable trash, so make sure it is not dirty when you throw it out!

Puragomi is plastic trash that was used as containers or wrapping for various products. If it is terribly dirty, it should be thrown out as non-burnable trash.

  • When you throw out puragomi, you must use the designated clear pink bags.
  • Puragomi can only be recycled if it is not dirty, so you must wash any waste off of it before throwing it out.
  • PET bottle caps, glass bottle caps, makeup jar and spray can plastic caps and lids are all puragomi.
  • Metal caps and lids are non-burnable trash. Put these into the transparent plastic bags and throw them out on the proper day.
  • Vinyl-based cushioning and packing material (e.g. plastic used to protect fragile items in shipping) is also puragomi.

About recyclable trash (collected twice a month):

Cans and Bottles:

  • Glass bottles are separated into 3 types: clear, brown, and other. Make sure to put them in their proper bins.
  • Bottles with honey, cooking oil, etc in them need to be cleaned out with water or paper towels before you take them to the trash station.
  • You can only recycle bottles and cans that were used for food products. Makeup bottles and other non-food containers need to be thrown out as non-burnable trash. Put them in the proper clear bags and throw them out on non-burnable trash days (twice a month).

Spray cans:

  • Spray cans can be thrown out twice a month on recycling days. Place them in the designated container at your trash station.
  • *Caution!* You must use a nail or similar item to poke a hole in spray cans before you throw them out. This is to protect against potential fires or explosions, so please remember this rule!