How to Separate Trash: Easy-to-Mistake Trash (Burnable and Non-burnable Trash)

Ecchan #11
Ecchan #11

Panel 1: “Can I throw out all my glass bottles and cans on recycling day?”
Panel 2: “No. They are split up into recyclable and non-burnable trash.” “What?! How do you know which?”
Panel 3: “The main point is whether food was contained in them or not.” “For example, a jar of jam would be recyclable, while a makeup jar would be non-burnable trash!”

Burnable Garbage
In addition to the main three types (kitchen waste, cloth waste, paper waste) there are a few more types of burnable trash.

  • plastic-coated paper and book covers
  • paper drink packs and metallic-coated paper wrappers for candy and treats
  • paper plates and cups, and other paper products soiled with food
  • menstrual products, paper diapers
  • wood chips, yard waste (leaves, sticks, branches, and so on from pruning)

If you put this trash in bags other than the designated burnable trash bags,  the trash truck won’t pick them up! Let’s be careful!

Non-burnable Garbage

This is a common mistake:

Bottles and cans not used for food and drink products (for example, makeup bottles) should not be thrown out on recycling day. Bottles and cans that are not used for food and drink products are all non-burnable garbage. Make sure you throw them out in a transparent bag!

Other kinds of non-burnable garbage include:

Plastic packaging and ties (polypropylene bands), plastic clips, scissors, rulers, markers, rubber bands and other stationery products, glass ornaments, eyeglasses, metal lids from glass jars, electric cords (cut shorter than 1 meter!), hangers, wire mesh, CD’s and CD cases (DVDs too), drying agents and thermal gels…

When you throw these out, you must put them in a colorless transparent bag so that the contents can be seen. Also, be careful not to overfill the bag so much that it tears.

Fill it only so much that it can be lifted with one hand, and bring it to your trash station.