How to Separate Trash: Spray Cans, Gas Canisters, Video Cassettes, and Harmful Trash

Ecchan #10
Ecchan #10

Panel 1: When you throw away spray cans, you must poke a hole into them.
Panel 2: If you mix them up with other types of trash, when the trash is collected it can be very dangerous!
Panel 3: That’s scary! So, when and where should I throw spray cans away?
Panel 4: Take it to your trash station on the designated day and throw it in the designated bin!

You can throw out harmful trash on the designated day for your neighborhood (twice a month).

Spray cans, gas canisters, etc. can go in the red receptacle at your trash station. Caution: before you throw them out, you must completely empty the canisters and (outside your house and away from any fire) poke a hole in the canister. This is because if there is any gas left in the cans, or if you throw it out in the wrong bin, there is a chance that an explosion could occur at the recycling center or in the garbage truck!

As for video tapes and cassettes, take them out of their cases and throw them out in the green bins at your trash station. The plastic case should go in the non-burnable trash (or burnable trash if it is a paper sleeve case).

Batteries, lighters, fluorescent lights, light bulbs, and mercury thermometers (electric thermometers are non-burnable trash!) are all hazardous trash. These go in the red and gray two-colored receptacles.

(Others: Watch batteries and rechargeable batteries should be disposed of at electronics shops and home centers in the designated collection bins.)

Make sure you completely empty out lighters as well. This is extremely important in order to prevent accidents. Do not forget!

Even if fluorescent/incandescent light bulbs or mercury thermometers are cracked, put them into the proper bin. If you throw them out in the wrong bin, they can be very dangerous! Let’s make sure to put them in the designated trash bins!