From Over-Consumption to a Recycling-Oriented Society: Let’s Use the 3 R’s!

Ecchan #1
Ecchan #1

Panel 1: Japan’s population is the 10th largest in the world.
Panel 2: But Japan’s land area is only the 61st largest.
Panel 3: Japan creates 52,730,000 tons of trash every year…
Panel 4: “There’s something we can do… 3R!” “3R?”

The “3 R’s” stand for “reduce,” “reuse,” and “recycle.” They mean that we should do everything we can not to be a burden on the environment.

First, “reduce.” This means not buying unnecessary items, not using disposable items; in other words, reducing the amount of things that we use. For example, not accepting plastic bags, disposable chopsticks, and other things that are given away for free, refraining from buying too many unneeded things, and not using the complimentary products offered at hotels and public places. With just a little care, we can reduce the amount of trash.

Next, “reuse.” This means using one thing over and over again. For example, using containers and bottles again, giving unneeded items to other people, and repairing broken items. By reusing things over and over again, we can make a better global environment.

Finally, “recycle.” This refers to recycling the raw materials of the trash. If we separate our old paper, cans, PET bottles, glass bottles, and so on into the proper categories, we can recycle them.

In order that future generations can inherit a clean and peaceful future, let’s all work together in order to conserve our limited resources, reduce trash, and build a recycle-minded society that can continue on into the future!