Furusato Odori 2017

Thank you very much for joining us!

The Echizen-shi International Association would like to thank all participants of 2017’s Furusato Odori who helped us accomplish such a stunning event.

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Furusato Odori 2017 (Bon dance)

How to dance FURUSATO ODORI? Check it out!
YouTube http://goo.gl/AEU7t1

Every year on the night of August 13, Echizen citizens meet downtown to dance the “Furusato Odori” (regional traditional dance). Wearing Yukata (summer kimono) people walk the streets dancing to the sound of local traditional songs.

Join the parade with Echizen International Association’s group! Bring your family. It’s free (application required).

Schedule and more details on the attached flyer.

ポルトガル語同好会 2017年7月~8月

いっしょに ポルトガル語を楽しみませんか?
会場:越前市文化センター3階 会議室307号 または  306号

(日本語) ビデオ「もし越前市で地震が起きたら ~家族と連絡を取る~編」

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9がつ1にち は「ぼうさい の ひ」です。
ビデオ 「もし えちぜんしで じしんが おきたら ~かぞく と  れんらく を とる ~」を みて ください。
そして、じしん の まえに できること を、 かぞく と はなしましょう。 

ビデオへの コメント も おねがいします。ありがとうございます!

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How to Separate Trash: Easy-to-Mistake Trash (Puragomi and Recyclables)

Ecchan #12
Ecchan #12

Panel 1: What kind of trash is this metal cap?
Panel 2: If it’s a metal cap, it’s non-burnable trash!
Panel 3: If it’s made of plastic, usually it will be puragomi.
Panel 4: Puragomi is one kind of recyclable trash, so make sure it is not dirty when you throw it out!

Puragomi is plastic trash that was used as containers or wrapping for various products. If it is terribly dirty, it should be thrown out as non-burnable trash.

  • When you throw out puragomi, you must use the designated clear pink bags. 
  • Puragomi can only be recycled if it is not dirty, so you must wash any waste off of it before throwing it out. 
  • PET bottle caps, glass bottle caps, makeup jar and spray can plastic caps and lids are all puragomi. 
  • Metal caps and lids are non-burnable trash. Put these into the transparent plastic bags and throw them out on the proper day. 
  • Vinyl-based cushioning and packing material (e.g. plastic used to protect fragile items in shipping) is also puragomi.

About recyclable trash (collected twice a month):

Cans and Bottles:

  • Glass bottles are separated into 3 types: clear, brown, and other. Make sure to put them in their proper bins. 
  • Bottles with honey, cooking oil, etc in them need to be cleaned out with water or paper towels before you take them to the trash station. 
  • You can only recycle bottles and cans that were used for food products. Makeup bottles and other non-food containers need to be thrown out as non-burnable trash. Put them in the proper clear bags and throw them out on non-burnable trash days (twice a month).

Spray cans:

  • Spray cans can be thrown out twice a month on recycling days. Place them in the designated container at your trash station. 
  • *Caution!* You must use a nail or similar item to poke a hole in spray cans before you throw them out. This is to protect against potential fires or explosions, so please remember this rule!

How to Separate Trash: Easy-to-Mistake Trash (Burnable and Non-burnable Trash)

Ecchan #11
Ecchan #11

Panel 1: “Can I throw out all my glass bottles and cans on recycling day?” 
Panel 2: “No. They are split up into recyclable and non-burnable trash.” “What?! How do you know which?” 
Panel 3: “The main point is whether food was contained in them or not.” “For example, a jar of jam would be recyclable, while a makeup jar would be non-burnable trash!”

Burnable Garbage
In addition to the main three types (kitchen waste, cloth waste, paper waste) there are a few more types of burnable trash.

  • plastic-coated paper and book covers
  • paper drink packs and metallic-coated paper wrappers for candy and treats
  • paper plates and cups, and other paper products soiled with food
  • menstrual products, paper diapers
  • wood chips, yard waste (leaves, sticks, branches, and so on from pruning)

If you put this trash in bags other than the designated burnable trash bags,  the trash truck won’t pick them up! Let’s be careful!

Non-burnable Garbage

This is a common mistake:

Bottles and cans not used for food and drink products (for example, makeup bottles) should not be thrown out on recycling day. Bottles and cans that are not used for food and drink products are all non-burnable garbage. Make sure you throw them out in a transparent bag!

Other kinds of non-burnable garbage include:

Plastic packaging and ties (polypropylene bands), plastic clips, scissors, rulers, markers, rubber bands and other stationery products, glass ornaments, eyeglasses, metal lids from glass jars, electric cords (cut shorter than 1 meter!), hangers, wire mesh, CD’s and CD cases (DVDs too), drying agents and thermal gels…

When you throw these out, you must put them in a colorless transparent bag so that the contents can be seen. Also, be careful not to overfill the bag so much that it tears.

Fill it only so much that it can be lifted with one hand, and bring it to your trash station.

How to Separate Trash: Spray Cans, Gas Canisters, Video Cassettes, and Harmful Trash

Ecchan #10
Ecchan #10

Panel 1: When you throw away spray cans, you must poke a hole into them.
Panel 2: If you mix them up with other types of trash, when the trash is collected it can be very dangerous!
Panel 3: That’s scary! So, when and where should I throw spray cans away?
Panel 4: Take it to your trash station on the designated day and throw it in the designated bin!

You can throw out harmful trash on the designated day for your neighborhood (twice a month).

Spray cans, gas canisters, etc. can go in the red receptacle at your trash station. Caution: before you throw them out, you must completely empty the canisters and (outside your house and away from any fire) poke a hole in the canister. This is because if there is any gas left in the cans, or if you throw it out in the wrong bin, there is a chance that an explosion could occur at the recycling center or in the garbage truck!

As for video tapes and cassettes, take them out of their cases and throw them out in the green bins at your trash station. The plastic case should go in the non-burnable trash (or burnable trash if it is a paper sleeve case).

Batteries, lighters, fluorescent lights, light bulbs, and mercury thermometers (electric thermometers are non-burnable trash!) are all hazardous trash. These go in the red and gray two-colored receptacles.

(Others: Watch batteries and rechargeable batteries should be disposed of at electronics shops and home centers in the designated collection bins.)

Make sure you completely empty out lighters as well. This is extremely important in order to prevent accidents. Do not forget!

Even if fluorescent/incandescent light bulbs or mercury thermometers are cracked, put them into the proper bin. If you throw them out in the wrong bin, they can be very dangerous! Let’s make sure to put them in the designated trash bins!